How Will You Measure Your Life?

Tựa sách : How Will You Measure Your Life?
Tác giả : Clayton M. Christensen , James Allworth , Karen Dillon
Ngôn ngữ : Vietnamese
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2013
Số trang : 256
Giá sách : 60.000
Sách có bán tại :

Author Clayton M. Christensen, professor at the Harvard Business School, introduce to readers an interesting, amazing book on inspiration and knowledge for a fulfilling life.

The book does not give out an easy answer but encourage you to look into the most important questions that you face in life.

The book does not tell you what to think about, but how to think – about life and life goal – through convincing research and theory on success and failure performed at Harvard University and other institutions.

The book does not offer a path to happiness, but it will equip you with tools to live a life that you really want. These tools are the ones that helped leaders of the world’s top companies to change the world.

The book can be considered a guide for your future. The theories and situations offered in the book will help you understand the important decisions that can bring you happiness and success in life.

The book will inspire you to aim to the important question that only you can answer, that is How will you measure your life?