Who says elephants can’t dance?

Tựa sách : Who says elephants can’t dance?
Tác giả : Louis V. Gerstner
Ngôn ngữ : Vietnamese
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2010
Số trang : 420
Giá sách : 79.000
Sách có bán tại :

The book Who says elephants can’t dance? sums up the admirable success of Louis Gerstner in the process of successfully recovering the giant and “bulky” corporation: IBM ; and also the valuable experiences in management and operation that Louis Gerstner got in years working at leading US companies – McKinsey, American Express, RJR Nabisco. The book is a valuable reference material for all companies of all shape and size globally.

Managing a large enterprise is complicate and difficult. In Vietnam, the biggest challenge and problem for enterprises is the management system.  Low business efficiency and inflexibility, not catching up with the growth of the market and customer seem to be chronic diseases of large corporations.

However, not only in Vietnam but all around the world, operating a corporation is also a great challenge. The story of IBM is a typical example of operating and reforming a giant and bulky corporation. So what is the solution for managing a large corporation? Louis V. Gerstner and the book “Who says elephants can’t dance?” is one of the perfect answer to this problem.

“Who says elephants can’t dance?” shows the success of Louis Gerstner in changing the bureaucratic culture of IBM into a culture of discipline, respect common achievement and mutual cooperation, assistance. The book also shows the talents of Louis Gerstner when he revived the core values of IBM as well as the company’s top goal: that is to be superior.