The Marketing You Never Knew

Tựa sách : The Marketing You Never Knew
Tác giả : Willem Burgers
Ngôn ngữ : Tiếng Việt
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2007
Số trang : 194
Giá sách : 33.000
Sách có bán tại :
Read this book of Willem Burgers, a marketing strategist and famous professor who has satisfied many customers, including Kodak, HP and Nokia. You will explore new marketing strategies and ideas useful for you as well as your business.
The book is divided into six chapters, each chapter includes many stories, illustrations and paint a different aspect of the marketing mind of Burgers. Burgers also divide each chapter into smaller parts, each part is summarized by a concise and easy-to-understand sentence. These sentences are gathered at the end of each chapter, making it easier for you to review or discuss.
These concise instructions reveal marketing secrets that you can quickly understand and believe. Keep the note pad and pencil in your hand when reading this book because you will easily write down ideas after ideas for your own business, whether you are managing a company that just started up or searching for something new in a large company with a stable position.