Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching

Tựa sách : Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching
Tác giả : Jeffrey Gitomer
Ngôn ngữ : Vietnamese
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2009
Số trang : 232
Giá sách : 49.000
Sách có bán tại :

The book is a combination of John Patterson’s success principles and Jeffrey Gitomer’s talent in explaining and modifying those principles in accordance with the world today, at the same time create a practical appearance for each principle. Jeffrey’s goal in writing this book is to help you understand the values and lessons of how other people put money in their cash register so you can out money in your own cash register.

Everyone want to success, but not as we think, there are not many who are determined and work hard for success nor there are many who are willing to learn from and apply other people’s experience. And there are even fewer who has enough passion for their job and turn it into a way to live sufficiently and happily.

It seems that people who start their own business or hold a position just for money only, and doesn’t have passion for their job, will not get what they want. For some people, the  desire for money surpass the passion for their job. And when money can not  multiply, they give up. They tend to miss the things that can open the door to success if they have enough passion to hang on.

Cha ching! is a metaphor for success. It is the sound of when you put money in the cash register but in this book, Cha ching! will be discussed in every business aspect. Which are recruiting the right people, developing the best strategy, education and training, encouraging, negotiating, determination to develop and other business aspects related to succeed and wealth.