Content Rules

Tựa sách : Content Rules
Tác giả : Ann Handley , C.C. Chapman
Ngôn ngữ : Vietnamese
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2013
Số trang : 408
Giá sách : 109.000
Sách có bán tại :

In the era of internet explosion and social network, interacting between enterprises and their customers has become easier than ever. However there is an unchanged pattern that, while some enterprises take advantage of social network to PR their products, most businesses have not yet impressed their customers. Have you ever wondered why your messages could not create the expected effects? Why do customers remain indifferent to your unique and catchy web sites?

If those are your concerns, this is the book for you.
Built from the experience of author Ann Handley – Content Director of Marketing Profs – a company specialized in providing comprehensive marketing solutions and C.C Chapman – renowned pod-casting speaker, who has successfully founded the social media company Advanced Guard, the book will equip you with the most impressive methods of content development in order to connect with buyers on the internet. Ann Handley and C.C Chapman will guide you through basic steps: from clearly determine the strategic target of the content before sketching out your ideas, to conveying the content in the most effective way to raise reputation and attract loyal customers. Combined with them are stories of companies who succeeded in applying these formulas. Through which the author has proved the great importance of content – not only plays the key role in marketing operation but also contribute to build strong relationship between customers and enterprises.
The book does not puzzle readers with theories far removed from reality, but use iconic language which is extremely practical. Any reader will feel that the author is trying to talk to them. They can find answers to their questions, as well as apply the tips to improve the efficiency of communication to customers. That is the key to create sustainable competitive advantage in business.
We would like to send you the book as a key to open every doors where potential customers are waiting for you.