Marketing in Venus

Tựa sách : Marketing in Venus
Tác giả : Hermawan Kartajaya
Ngôn ngữ : Vietnamese
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2011
Số trang : 350
Giá sách : 69.000
Sách có bán tại :

Marketing in Venus is the most in-depth book, study on the exploitation of femininity in each potential customer of us. The knowledge, summaries of the author help reader to have a view from a helicopter, in order to understand the overall values of their customers in Venus. For the marketers’ wisdom to grow wider and deeper.

With the achievements of information technology today, men and women seem to be back to Venus. They are living in a world full of interactions and emotions. Where men live by the rules of women. Where “EQ – emotional quotient” is much higher appreciated than “IQ – intelligence quotient”. Where the right brain dominate the left brain. Where “feelings” are more important than “reasons”. Where the competitive advantages of a company are determined by “emotional” benefits.

The studies, stories of spectacular market conquest in various fields mentioned in the book showed that, you can conquer the hearts of customers of both genders by feeling their emotions and wishes. By gaining knowledge in psychology, sociology,  anthropology and many other sciences, enrich your knowledge and view on marketing technology with emotion!