Tựa sách : Consumer.ology
Tác giả : Philip Graves
Ngôn ngữ : Vietnamese
Lĩnh vực :
Năm xuất bản : 2011
Số trang : 256
Giá sách : 75.000
Sách có bán tại :

Why is the market research not effective? Philip Graves, one of the world’s top expert in customer behavior, revealed why the results obtained from market research are completely unreliable. Whether company executive want to look for a way to determine business strategy or to find out customer’s demand, believing that the answers for survey questions or discussions in a group discussion, can suggest new ideas and use them as the source of information for decision-making, will be the cause of product failure, strategic disaster and wasted money.

“Consumer.ology” listed out the most valuable examples of the way of thinking that í controlled by market research and make people ignore reason, experience and evidence – from New Coke to General Motors, to Mattel or Millennium Dome – at the same time showed that may companies succeed by ignoring the result of market research, such as Baileys and Dr Who. This book also introduce to enterprise the necessary tools if they want to learn about their customers.